How to Find The Perfect Fireplace Fuel?

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Published: 29th November 2012
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Fuel is life to a fireplace; it is common sense that without fuel, a fireplace cannot work. Making a random choice in case of fuel is also not something worth a laud. Fireplace fuel has to be chosen wisely, considering a good fuel adds to the life of the fireplace. From the aspect of safety too, choosing the perfect gel fuel is important. So, letís highlight some points that can come handy while selecting fireplace fuel.

Confirm fireplace usage

Every fireplace is different; in case of fuels too, the same is true. Hence, before selecting a fuel, one should confirm whether it will burn safely in your fireplace or not. There are some fireplace companies that also offer the fuel. In some cases, the company emphasizes the usage of their company manufactured fuel in the fireplace. The logic behind it is that every fuel gives away different amount of heat. Hence, it is better to confirm the same if one is switching brand of fuel. Discussing with sales person can help greatly in this case.

Indoor outdoor usage

As aforementioned, every alcohol fuel is different. While some brands are suitable for indoor usage only, others can be used indoors as well as outdoors. So, one has to keep in mind what type of need is to be met. In case the fuel is not suitable for outdoor use but you require the same, then, there can be issues later on. Hence, it is better to confirm the indoor outdoor issue before making a choice.

Burn time status

Each manufacturer uses different chemicals and materials to create fuel product. So, it is quite obvious for fuels from different companies to give different burn time. The wise choice would be to choose a gel fuel that lasts longer durations so that you donít have to fill the tank every other day. So, donít forget to confirm the burn time status before selecting a fuel.

Safety accreditation

Just like indoor outdoor fireplaces, fuels too come with safety accreditation. Before making a selection, it is better to study the fuel pack for approval from credible agencies. One can also look whether the product has gone through stringent testing procedures or not. This will help in selecting a product that is high on quality and safety. Considering the element of fire too, careful selection is important. Besides that, the factor of country also matters a lot; use of some fuels is country specific. So, donít forget to take the same into consideration.
Environmental impact
This is something people are very sensitive about, and for all the good reasons. It is better to select products that are mellow on the environment our future generations will grow up in. With signs like EcoLogo, one can confirm the commitment of fuel and ventless fireplace manufacturing company towards nature.
A fireplace fuel has to score in various areas to claim the title of 'perfect fuel' Taking care of the above points will certainly help you in making the right decision, and if you choose to ignore them, do it at your own risk.
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